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Once again, ages after the last update, the story that just won't die begins again... I just hope that someone (anyone!) still remembers what this one's all about.

Title: Paradox
Word Count: 3337
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Twyla, Remus
Scene Rating: PG
A/N: Remember Paradox? There's a story about a Paradox...

Back, back, back, in the back of your mind... )

Comments are better than chocolate. :)
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Title: Paradox
Word Count: 4432
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Remus, Moody
Scene Rating: PG
A/N: Just how many words are there that mean 'confused'?
(sorry, I'm ill, and have no clever words tonight)

Welcome to the Twilight Zone )
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So here it is. The much-awaited Ministry scene! Sorry to have cut out so abruptly on the last installment, but we're here now, so without futher ado...

Title: Paradox
Word Count: 2423
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Remus
Scene Rating: PG
A/N: Isn't this fun?

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Daaaaaamn. We're finally here- the Ministry scene! This segment is short, but I'm posting it anyway, and will just have to work hard to get the next bit. I'm sure I'll hear about leaving you all hanging like this...

We'll just call it "incentive".

Title: Paradox
Word Count: 1256
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Kingsley, minor OFCs
Scene Rating: PG, still
A/N: This is about the time when the story really picks up the pace...

Nightmares become me, it's so fucking clear... )
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Hey, check it out! This story is still moving, even if it has been better than a year (EEK!) since it was last updated. Thank god...

Title: Paradox
Word Count: 3973
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Moody, various others, OFC and otherwise
A/N: Good lord, does anyone still remember this? Does anyone (other than a certain someone) care? Well, I s'pose I do, else I wouldn't have dredged it up... I like this story. And I'm going to finish it, come hell or high water. And this is a good start to that end...

I doubt seriously that most people remember where the story left off, so here are links to the previous installments. Hopefully the wait will be much less than the last time for the next one. (In fact, that's a pretty good bet. The next scene up is the Ministry meeting, and I've been dying to write it for ages- in fact, it's already partially written. So that's to the good!)

Paradox links:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

Hope that everyone enjoys this new chapter! Better things are to come shortly...

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Sometimes, stories grow beyond what you intended for them. It's part of what's so cool about writing. Also, my brain surprises me with what it can pull together unbeknownst to me.

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Moody, various and sundry OCs
A/N: Bear with me.

How about that drink? )
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Poor Tonks. It must be a Monday.

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Mad Eye Moody
Scene Rating: PG (still. Should get more interesting later.)

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Get the feeling that something's not right?

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, the Trio, McGonagall
Scene Rating: PG

Heading for Hogwarts )
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And stranger and stranger...

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Remus, Mad Eye Moody
Scene Rating: PG (I know! Staying mild, aren't I?)

The kitchen was utterly empty. )
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Now things begin to get interesting. And confusing.

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, various Weasleys, Mad Eye Moody, Remus
Scene Rating: PG

Oddities )
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A little more set up, and a three-way conversation that was quite fun to write.

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Remus, Mad Eye Moody
Scene rating: PG

Afterwards )
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Paradox is the working title I have of a rather interesting (if I may say so) story surrounding Nymphadora Tonks and the events spawned by a fateful Quidditch match. It's one of the most puzzling plots I've had to deal with, which is really what makes it so compelling. Or so I think- but then again, I'm biased.

You decide. ;)

Title: Paradox
Dramatis Personae: Tonks, Dumbledore, McGonagall
Rating: Overall story is likely PG-13, or maybe R
Time Frame: Harry's seventh year at Hogwarts, amid a growing war

Paradox, Part 1 )


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