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Title: The Best Kept Secret In Central City (or Colonel Mustang Used To Be a Lucky Bastard)

Rating: PG (13ish?) for swearing

Pairings: None. Perfectly gen

Summary: Central City is freezing, the Military Headquarters has lost heat, and Colonel Mustang is keeping a secret.

A/N: Okay, for god's sake, don't take this thing seriously. It is a silly, silly bit of writing. It began in June of last year when it was blazing hot, the Fahrenheit 107 challenge concocted by [ profile] evil_whimsey to distract from the obscene temperatures, as well as to spur on the Muse. I concluded it in just the past few days, while it was pretty damn cold, as another exercise in getting the words flowing again after a huge move. It's little more than a situation-prompt, where I shook all the characters out of their boxes and told them 'go have fun'. As such, it's absurd.

Half writing exercise, half crack, unbeta-ed (except for a read-through and general thumbs up, keep going)- don't expect any miracles. This is not Rusted Dawn. This is about as far from Rusted Dawn as it gets. People might be slightly OOC (don't care), the set-up is ridiculous (don't care); this is about as polished as I expect the silly thing will ever be.

Those caveats aside, it was pretty damn fun to write in places. I was snickering rather hard as I wrote some sections, and I hope it'll provide you with at least a bit of amusement as well.

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Sep. 14th, 2008 03:43 pm
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Little bit of a fic clearinghouse activity today... I'm transferring some past ficlets that were posted to my personal journal, but never made it over here to my writing journal, where they really belong. So- clean-up today, since the little imp I live with is making it clear that there will be no actual writing done until she's tucked into bed tonight. Oh well...

So... first up is a piece that I wrote for the Fahrenheit 107 Fic challenge. [ profile] evil_whimsey and me make these things up all the time; we're good at amusing ourselves. She gave me a prompt to work with (Roy keeps a secret scrapbook of Fullmetal's newspaper clippings), and this is the result. Came out pretty good, despite being unpolished and short. Meh. Whatever. It was kinda fun, all the same.


Alchemist Rebuilds Bridge, Saves Twelve... )
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Apologies if this fic is spamming you...

Written for the Fahrenheit 107 Fic Challenge (an entirely invented challenge series, involving only myself and [ profile] evil_whimsey), which is more or less a collection of odds-and-ends prompts with few or no parameters. Loads of crazy. That's how we like it.

As a disclaimer, this thing probably has all manner of problems with it, including plausibility and physics and shit like that. Don't care. The point is, it was fun to write. :)

PROMPT: Roy and Ed are trapped in close quarters for 24 hours. Grudging cooperation ensues.
FANDOM: Fullmetal Alchemist, clearly.
WORD COUNT: 1780 (longer than I'd expected!)
DRAMATIS PERSONAE: Ed, Roy and (briefly) Hawkeye

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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