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So months ago, I signed up for the [ profile] holicminibang as an artist, mostly so that I could illustrate one of [ profile] evil_whimsey's fics. She's such a brilliant writer- far better than I- and my bestest pal to boot, so it was a real pleasure to draw for her.

(also, this provided me with fuel for my own xxxHolic fic, which I am working on for [ profile] became_fire- my massively behind schedule [ profile] help_haiti fic. Which is moving, actually, all the moreso now that I've spend some time inside those boy's heads.)

At any rate, the summer slipped past me awfully fast and busy, and I didn't get as much time to spend on this as I'd hoped, but it still came out pretty darned well all things considered. I'm pleased with it. And many thanks have to go to [ profile] enemytosleep and [ profile] psiten, both of whom- when I was having a meltdown over anatomy and foreshortening one night- were kind enough to act as models and shoot photos which they emailed me, so that I had some sources to go by. *massive hugs*

So anyway, here's the illustration to Whimsey's fantastic story, Abort, Retry, Fail, which you should really all go and read, because it is fabulous.

Warnings: Art contains boykissing and frottage.

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