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Title: Two Of Us
Author: [ profile] pandoraculpa
Betas: the exceedingly brilliant and patient [ profile] evil_whimsey, [ profile] artemisrae, ever kind and helpful , and consultation on medical details from the lovely [ profile] beautiful_fic
Artists: the very talented [ profile] bob_fish
Genre: Drama, Romance
Word Count: Um, a lot? Over 54,000; a more accurate count will be amended later
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Ed/OCs, Roy/OC, Roy/Ed
Summary: After recovering from being gored by a chimera, Roy has to adjust to many changes in his life- especially his relationship with Edward. A sequel to The Prices We Pay.

Written for the [ profile] fma_big_bang. This turned out to be much, much longer than I'd anticipated, and so for everyone's sake (including my own), I will post Part 1 (which will encompass three LJ posts) today, and the second part will come in a day or two. Also, many, many thanks to my betas, and to [ profile] bob_fish for her splendid artwork! The illustrations are embedded within the story, but please do go and tell her what wonderful work she has done- she deserves all kinds of praise! But please be careful, if you haven't read the fic yet, as her art post contains spoilers for the story.

Sorry for not getting it all up in one go, but I'm about frazzled. At any rate, I hope you enjoy the fic!

If there was one thing that Roy was fairly certain Edward would always do, it was surprise him. )


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