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Title: Merry Christmas, Motherfucker (or, The True and Honest Account of How Roy Mustang Got His Remarkable Stocking Stuffer, Christmas 1914)
Rating: PG13ish (for Edward's exceedingly foul mouth)
Word Count: 1357
Summary: Ed has found the most miserable town in existence. And he's stuck in it. And it's all Mustang's fault.

A/N: First off, this is AU as all hell. Next, it's almost a year old, was written in a comment box on Facebook, and is completely un-beta-ed. I just re-discovered it today. And it could probably use a little explanation. (Or maybe not, but humor me anyway.)

Last year, in a fit of pique over the holidays and their ensuing stress, [ profile] evil_whimsey and I devised a game of prompts, all of which started 'It's Christmas, and...' - and concluded with dumping various characters in absolutely horrible scenarios. The point was to write the ones that really tickled our brains, trying to make them as awful and painful as possible. This one got away from me- it came out funny instead. But that's alright. The main thing was, it got us both through the holiday season without either of us turning into homicidal psychopaths, bent on destroying everything in our paths. And really, that's about all anyone can ask.

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