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In case you haven't heard, [ profile] help_haiti has been set up as a fanfic/art/etc auction to aid the people of Haiti, after the earthquake down there. It's a great way to help, especially for those like myself who are currently poorer than a churchmouse.

I'm participating, and am a little terrified. I've never done one of these before!

I'm mentioning this here, because I know I have watchers on this journal that aren't on my personal journal, where I already made a post. And even if you don't bid on me, I encourage everyone to go take a look at what's being offered and, if you're able, to make a bid or a donation. Every little bit helps. And if you're so moved, my post is here.

Please accept my apologies if I've spammed you with this stuff today, between this post, my personal journal posts and the comm announcements. But we've already seen in the past how much can be accomplished when the fandoms get behind a cause. The help is dearly needed, so please, spread the word.

and if you do end up bidding on me, please be gentle! *bites nails*


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